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Written by Nick 🧑 (deutsch, δΈ­ζ–‡)

My name is Nick. I'm a beginner. Beginners in pretty much everything to do with computers and programming.

But that's exactly what I want to change now, go under the surface and see what's underneath.

This journey started a few weeks ago with my internship at Thingylabs.

But how do you learn programming?

Unlike most things you learn this way, there seems to be no real beginning or clear path to follow.

So: Learning by doing

And so I regularly find myself in Thingylabs-HQ with my head buzzing and try to find the error in my code.

Because it is often difficult for me to work through the vast amount of information, functions and connections and to recognize the essential.

And then, all at once: It works!

These are really beautiful moments.

When the first small programs suddenly start running after endless trying and tinkering. Fantastic!

And in the breaks, or when things aren't going so well, the HQ offers possibilities for distraction. Besides the unique atmosphere, I permanently get to know wonderful, interesting people.

What does it take to learn programming?

One thing above all: time.

Time, a good 'coding environment' ;) and a little help and guidance every now and then.

With time, that's one thing, of course, but for the other two things, everything is taken care of.

I'm looking forward to the further way and would like to take the opportunity to join Per and the Thingylabs team for the opportunity to dive into this, for me new world, with you.

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