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Written by Lisa 🧡 (deutsch, 中文)

Today I write about why I refuse a task that does not seem meaningful to me. It was to write a blog entry every day about the views of my colleagues. That is, to conduct an interview whose content I would not understand. And then repackaging it so that you think I understand it.

That’s how we pretend to be a good programmer.

It makes little sense to me at the moment that I'm interviewing subjects I don't even know what they are, let alone that these things even exist. After all, you don't start reading aloud if you don't know the alphabet or don't know how to stress the letters.

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Question marks buzz around in my head when I listen to contributions. I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge, but I'm still trying to consolidate the basics. IT is just such a big field that I can't learn it all at once within 3 months.

3 months ago I would never have thought that I would go in this direction, so I start from 0 and need a strict guide to what is available. The LED project has already brought me further, because things have been explained to me and I have also been given the opportunity to work independently. The green business, which I am still working on, takes up a lot of my time, as I have never dealt with the topic of sustainability before.

Be curious!

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